Company policy and policy

Environmental Policy

Prevention and control of pollution, continuous improvement, implementation of energy conservation and consumption reduction; Strengthen awareness, compliance, and optimization of environmental management;

Environmental Policy

① To meet customers' environmental protection requirements;

(2) Control and reduce harmful activities, products and services to environmental protection;

(3) To provide a framework for establishing environmental objectives;

④ Strive for continuous improvement and pollution prevention and control;

(5) Implement appropriate and effective measures to reduce energy and resource use;

(6) Implement appropriate environmental management programs to mitigate and adapt to climate change, protect biodiversity and ecosystems or other related environmental issues;

⑦ Comply with local environmental laws and regulations and other requirements;

(8) Training of the company's employees, related parties to environmental protection awareness and responsibility; This environmental policy can also be read by interested parties outside the company.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Comply with the requirements of laws and regulations;

Establish a healthy and safe working environment;

Health and safety training;

Continuous improvement of health and safety management.

Social Responsibility Policy

People oriented, treat and respect employees fairly and justly;

Create a safe, health and environmental protection working environment;

Comply with local government laws and regulations;

Clean operation and high standards of ethics;

Promote suppliers to comply with RBA/SA8000 standards;

Keep improving and give back to the society.

Ethical Policy

As a factory with social responsibility, EJINGyuan photoelectric Technology will abide by the highest standards of ethics: clean operation, no corruption, extortion and embezzlement of public funds; Prohibition of offering or accepting bribes; Disclosure of information on business activities, organizational structure, financial position and performance; Respect and protect intellectual property rights; Follow fair trade, legal competition and advertising; Confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity; Be actively involved in various community activities. Comply with applicable laws and strive to be good factory citizens; This policy applies to all business organizations, regions and functional departments of the plant, and applies to all employees, managers and senior managers of the plant.

Intellectual Property Policy

The company's intellectual property policy is to fully comply with the relevant provisions of the INTELLECTUAL property management system, comply with all relevant intellectual property laws and regulations, and meet the established goals and requirements of continuous improvement. To achieve the above objectives, the Company undertakes:

Protecting and managing the intellectual property rights of the company and its customers.

② Comply with all relevant laws, regulations and contractual requirements.

(3) To avoid the damage of intellectual property rights by implementing the relevant procedures of the relevant system.

(4) Provide education and training for employees on the legal use of intellectual property rights.

⑤ Continuously improve the system.

Policy on Conflict Minerals

Hundred million crystal source photoelectric science and technology as a good corporate citizen, should fulfill their social responsibility, respect for human rights, and continue to focus on conflict minerals, an investigation to the supply chain, to ensure that the tin (Sn), tantalum (Ta), tungsten (W) and gold (Au), and other metal materials, not from the democratic republic of the Congo and its neighboring countries are controlled by armed groups mining of mining area.

Therefore, Ejingyuan optoelectronic Technology to formulate the following policies, commitment:

1. No procurement of conflict metals produced in conflict areas.

2. Ask the supplier to refuse to use the conflict metal from the conflict area and issue a letter of commitment.

3. The required supplier shall communicate this requirement to its upstream supplier.

Labour Policy

Dongguan million crystal source photoelectric technology co., LTD., as the manufacturers photoelectric semiconductor manufacturing services, from "drive the development of science and technology, light light up the future, cast quality harmony, good faith to create brilliant" values, and the spirit of the RBA and SA8000, fulfill their corporate social responsibility to ensure all the staff to meet international standards of human rights, To ensure a safe working environment and a clear disclosure of fair and equitable treatment and respect for all employees so that their rights and interests are protected and ethical. The Labour policy is as follows:

No child labor

Adopt a firm zero-tolerance policy towards the use of child Labour and commit not to employ child Labour in accordance with local minimum age laws and regulations. The use of child Labour by any supplier or contractor is not acceptable.

Freedom of association

Respect and protect employees' rights to freedom of assembly, association and collective bargaining, and establish effective channels of communication.

No discrimination/harassment

Prohibits discrimination based on race, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression, race or ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religious belief, political affiliation, union membership, veteran status, protected genetic information, or marital status; All employees enjoy equal development opportunities in terms of appointment, evaluation, salary, training opportunities and promotion standards. We will also cooperate with suppliers who follow the above principles and apply them equally to the employment of employees. Appropriate places shall be provided for employees to conduct religious activities. In addition, employees or prospective employees shall not be subjected to discriminatory medical or physical examinations, such as pregnancy or virginity tests.

Humane treatment

Harsh, inhuman treatment of employees and/or harassment of any kind, including any form of sexual violence, sexual harassment, abuse, corporal punishment, mental or physical pressure, bullying, public humiliation and verbal abuse, shall be prohibited; Nor shall they threaten to carry out any such act. Disciplinary policies and procedures are clearly defined and communicated to employees.

No forced labor

Respect labor consciousness, prohibit any form of forced labor, employment relationship is established according to the law and signed on the premise of mutual consent written labor contract, employees have the right to leave with reasonable notice, ensure that the overall conditions of employment are voluntary. Use of forced labor by any supplier or contractor is not acceptable.


Provide open channels of communication between employees and management and advocate company policies, policies, welfare measures and activities and procedures; To provide timely response and assistance to staff comments to ensure the maintenance of harmonious Labour relations.

Salary and Benefits

Provide employees with wages and benefits that meet or exceed local statutory requirements, including minimum wage, paid leave and statutory benefits, and meet at least the basic needs of employees. At the same time, the deduction of salary as a punishment is prohibited.

A reasonable working hours

To prescribe a reasonable working hour management mechanism in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, to care for and manage staff attendance, and to manage and arrange staff working time, rest and leave reasonably.