RGB and white LED

When it comes to the grievances and hatreds of white LEDs, we cannot fail to mention RGB and white LEDs. The two have the same goal in different ways. They all hope to achieve the effect of white light, but one is directly presented in white light, and the other is in red, green and blue. Mixed light; one said that the other party's purity was not enough and the price was too expensive, the other retorted that he was beautiful in color, and criticized the other party for being old and declining. I am afraid that such a war will not stop in the short term. However, although green radish has its own advantages, it is not so simple in terms of technology and cost. There are some things that cannot be compromised, because whether it is in terms of frequency or voltage consistency, if you can’t adjust , Then the mixed light may not be controlled at all. Therefore, both of these technologies are made by people and each has its own market. However, whether the market can determine the technology or whether the technology leads the market, I am afraid it will arouse considerable discussion. People who like high picture quality should not be difficult to find that the colors appearing on some LED backlight panels are particularly clear and vivid, even to the extent of high-definition TVs. This situation is the characteristic of RGB, advertised that red is red and green. It is the characteristics of green and blue that are blue. In the mixed color of light, it has more diversified characteristics. It is like a painter's palette, which perfectly presents the most real color world and makes a beautiful life. Although white LEDs based on phosphors cannot resist the problem of aging color decay, they can gain a foothold in the market. The most important issue is actually the cost! One pellet beats three pellets. This is the main reason for the market to break the siege. At the current cost, RGB lights are significantly higher than white LED lights. The only competitive place is the backlight panel. In the future, it will be possible to compete with white light. LED lights are divided into courts. As for other places, they are mainly auxiliary lighting. When RGB is separated, they can be controlled separately. Although they can be directly controlled and the color mixing is good, it is a big problem to achieve the white light of the mixing. Although the cost is expensive, But the quality is relatively good. As for the white LED lamp, although the cost is cheap, it can directly replace CCFL and become the main technology of LED, but relatively speaking, it is packaged together because of the problem of wavelength and frequency. The situation will also be unstable. However, the problem of the control of RGB lights still needs to be strengthened. For example, if one of the lights is broken, it will be quite obvious on the entire screen. On the contrary, the white LED lights can complement each other because of the side-shooting relationship. It can make up for a broken LED, and make up for the uniformity, so that the overall situation does not look too bad. In the current situation where a hundred schools of thought are contending, whether RGB technology will become the mainstream or white LED will become the mainstream, there is actually no definite answer. From the point of view of various parties, market application and cost will be the main key to determine.

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